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The catalog is almost entirely books from the collection of Llewellyn Lord, early member of the Company of Military Historians, plus a smattering from Lt Gen. Richard Thompson.

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  1. Bucquoy, Cdt. E. L. (Eugene Louis). ~Les Uniformes du Premier Empire: Cartes Documentaires en Couleurs / publiées sous la direction du Capitaine E.-L. Bucquoy. ~Paris: Ch. Hérissey, c..1907-1952. ~1781 Cards mounted in 8 large cloth covered albums with textured red cloth slipcases. Examples of all Series 1 to 226 except Series, 80, 96, 97, 107-118. They have been organized by subject. All hand colored except 27 which are uncolored. A few are on a glossy paper and may be of a later date. The Albums were manufactured in Chicago. Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection at Brown University has a 1500 card set and it is believed that an entire set might run between 1838 and 3000 cards. Slight water staining to spine of Vol. 8. One slipcase is slightly crushed. Very Heavy set. Near Fine Set~$8000~
  2. Vernet, Horace & Lami, Eugene. ~Collection des Uniformes des Armées Françaises de 1791 a 1814. Dessinees par H. Vernet et Eug. Lami. ~Paris: Gides fils, 1822. ~1st ed. About 150p. All 100 Colored Uniform plates present. Original Red cloth. Corners worn. Chipping at gutters. Spine is cracked vertically in the center. Hinges intact. Bookplate. Foxing to text but not the plates. Heavy. Very Good Copy~$2000~
  3. Bellange, Hippolyte. ~Collection des Types de Tous les Corps et Uniformes Militaires de la Republique et de l'Empire. 50 Planches Coloriees. ~Paris: Chez Dubochet, 1844. ~1st ed. 112p. All 50 Colored Uniform plates present. Original Brown leather spine over marbled boards. Gilt titles. Marbled end papers. NO foxing. Bookplates. Near Fine Copy~$1500~
  4. Knotel, Richard. ~Uniformenkunde. ~Olmes, c. 1972. ~New printing. About 112 Color Uniform plates of German, French Russian, American, Turkish armies. Descriptive text: German on front with English & French on the reverse. Each plate 8x10 inches. Glossy stock on front side. Heavy/Oversize. Fine Set.~$200~
  5. Knotel, Richard; Knotel, Herbert & Sieg, Herbert. ~Handbuch der Uniformkunde: Militarische Tracht in ihrer Entwicklung bis zur Gegenwart. ~Hamburg: Helmut Gergard Schulz, 1956. ~3 auflage. 440p. Illustrations: Some partially colored. Blue cloth. Heavy. Spine sunned. Front rubbed. Bookplate. Very Good Copy~$40~
  6. Carman, W. Y. ~Dictionary of Military Uniform. ~Scribner's, 1977. ~1st ed. 140p. Photos of artifacts. Ex.lib. Very Good /Very Good Copy~$32~[ 0684151308 ]
  7. Rankin, Col. Robert. ~Military Headdress: Pictorial History of Military Headgear from 1660 to 1914. ~Arms & Armour, 1976. ~128p. Photos. Clipped. . Fine/Fine Copy~$35~[ 0853683107 ]
  8. Todd, Frederick. Illus. by George Woodbridge. ~American Military Equipage, 1851-1872. (3 Volume Set). ~Company of Military Historians, 1974, 1977 & 1978. ~3 vols. Vol. I US Army, Vol. II US Army con't. & Confederate Army Vol. III US Navy, USMC & State Militias. 719p. total. Illustrations. Photos. Uniform plates are colored in this edition. Color uniform plates. Red cloth. Very Heavy set. Covers water faded/stained, spine lettering rubbed, interiors Fine. Overall Good Set.~$100~[ 0917218086 ]
  9. Driscoll, Col. John. ~Eagle, Globe and Anchor 1868-1968. Technical Monograph No. One. ~Quantico: Marine Corps Museum, 1971. ~1st ed. 164p. Photos. Illustrations. Evolution of the Marine Corps uniform insignia, metal and cloth. Large blue Wraps. SIGNED & inscribed. Fine Copy~$65~
  10. Moran, Jim. ~U.S. Marine Uniforms 1912-1940. ~Phillips, 2001. ~174p. Photos. Period & of surviving artifacts. Oversize. As New/As New Copy~$100~[ 0932572324 ]
  11. Rankin, Col. Robert. ~Uniforms of the Sea Services: A Pictorial History. ~Naval Institute P., 1962. ~1st ed. 324p. Photos. Color Illustrations. Oversize. Blue cloth. Fine Copy~$100~
  12. Rankin, Col. Robert. ~Uniforms of the Marines. ~Putnam's, 1970. ~NAP. 128p. Photos. Limited Color. Large format. Minor foxing. Near Fine/Near Fine Copy~$75~
  13. Thompson, James. ~Decorations, Medals, Ribbons, Badges and Insignia of the United States Marine Corps: World War II to Present. ~Medals of America, 1998. ~123p. Photos. Some color. b/w Illustrations. Large Wraps. As New Copy~$25~[ 1884452388 ]
  14. Visconage, Michael. ~U.S. Marine Corps Marksmanship Badges from 1912 to the Present. ~GPO/US Marine Corps History & Museum Div., 1982. ~15p. Photos. Cover slightly sunned. Near Fine Copy~$25~
  15. Maley, Doris & Hilliard, Jack. ~Making a Continental Marine Uniform. ~GPO/US Marine Corps History & Museum Div., 1975. ~192p. Photos. Illustrations of construction of the uniform. Large Wraps. Near Fine Copy~$15~
  16. McClellan, Maj. Edwin. ~Uniforms of the American Marines 1775 to 1829. ~GPO/US Marine Corps History & Museum Div., 1974. ~Reprint of 1932. 99p. + 39 full page plates. Large wraps. Front cover chipped at bottom. Very Good Copy~$15~
  17. Lawson, Cecil. ~History of the Uniforms of the British Army. Vol. I to V. (Complete set). ~Davies, Norman, Kate, 1962, 1941, 1961, 1966, 1967. ~5 Vols. Various publishers & dates. 3 with jackets. b/w Illustrations. Heavy set. Very Good Set~$100~
  18. Carman, W. Y. ~Richard Simkin's Uniforms of the British Army. Cavalry Regiments. & Infantry, Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers & Other Corps. ( 2 vols.). ~Webb & Bower, 1982 & 1985. ~1st ed. 2 vols. 224p. + 224p. Color uniform Illustrations. Cavalry & Infantry. 0906671132 & 0863500315 Heavy set. Both Fine/Fine in Red & Blue cloth slipcase. ~$75~
  19. Ripley, Howard. ~Buttons of the British Army 1855 - 1970. An Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors. ~Arms & Armour, 1971. ~1st ed. 64 p. b/w Photos. Red cloth. Very Good Copy~$65~[ 0853680655 ]
  20. Simkin, Richard & Archer, Lawrence. ~British Yeomanry Uniforms: An Album of Coloured Prints. ~Muller, 1971. ~10p. text + 32 color plates. Blue cloth. Oversize. Blurb pasted on half title. Fine Copy~$60~[ 0584109318 ]
  21. Harris, R.G. & Edmund Campbell (Illus). ~Fifty Years of Yeomanry Uniforms. Volume One. ~Muller, 1972. ~1st ed. 32 Color plates by Campbell. 8.5 x 12" Descriptive text on facing page. Oversize. Red cloth. Flyleaves foxed. Near Fine Copy~$60~[ 0584109377 ]
  22. Summers, Jack & Chartrand, Rene. ~L'Uniforme Militaire au Canada 1665 - 1970. ~Musee Canadien de la Guerre, 1981. ~192p. Color uniform plates. Illustrations. by R.J. Marrion. Oversize. SIGNED & inscribed by Summers. Fine/Fine Copy~$50~[ 0660902605 ]
  23. Carter, Thomas& Long, William Henry. ~War Medals of the British Army 1650-1891, And How They Were Won. ~Arms & Armour, 1972. ~Facsimile reprint of revised edition of 1893. 656p. Brown cloth. Heavy. Slight foxing to flyleaves. Near Fine Copy~$40~[ 0853680728 ]
  24. Carman, W. Y. ~Glengarry: Badges of the British Regiments to 1881: Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors. ~Arms & Armour, 1973. ~62p. b/w Photos. Red cloth. Jacket blubs pasted in. Fine Copy~$25~[ 0853683891 ]
  25. Fosten & Fosten. ~Thin Red Line: Uniforms of the British Army Between 1751-1914. ~Windrow & Greene, 1989. ~1st ed. 127p. Color Illustrations. Oversize. Jacket clipped. Fine/Near Fine Copy~$50~[ 1872004008 ]
  26. Smitherman, P. Hardcover. ~Uniforms of the Yeomanry Regiments 1783-1911. ~London: Hugh Evelyn, 1967. ~1st ed. 20 Color Plates with facing text. Very large format. Fine/Very Good Copy~$60~
  27. Smitherman, P. Hardcover. ~Uniforms of the Scottish Regiments. ~London: Hugh Evelyn, 1963. ~1st ed. 20 Color Plates with facing text. Stiff boards. Very large format. Fine/Near Fine Copy~$60~
  28. Smitherman, P. Hardcover. ~Cavalry Uniforms of the British Army. ~London: Hugh Evelyn, 1962. ~1st ed. 20 Color Plates with facing text. Very stiff large wraps. Plastic protector added. Near Fine/Very Good Copy~$50~
  29. Smitherman, P. Hardcover. ~Infantry Uniforms of the British Army. Second Series. 1790-1850. ~London: Hugh Evelyn, 1966. ~1st ed. 20 Color Plates with facing text. Oversize. 10 x 15" Near Very Good/Good copy~$45~
  30. Smitherman, P. H. ~Infantry Uniforms of the British Army. First Series. 1660 -1790. ~London: Hugh Evelyn, 1965. ~1st ed. 20 Color Plates with facing text. Oversize. 10 x 15". Near Fine/Very Good Copy~$40~
  31. Smitherman, P. Hardcover. ~Uniforms of the Royal Artillery 1716 - 1966. ~London: Hugh Evelyn, 1966. ~1st ed. 20 Color Plates with facing text. Oversize. Near Fine/Good Copy~$25~
  32. Kipling, Arthur. & Lt Col. Frank Wilson (Illus.). ~Uniforms of the Peninsular War. ~Knight, 1972. ~47p. Illustrations. Some in color. Pictorial boards. Fine Copy~$35~[ 0853140987 ]
  33. Smith, Charles Hamilton & Haythornthwaite, Philip. ~Wellington's Army: Uniforms of the British Soldier 1812 - 1815. ~Greenhill/Stackpole, 2002. ~60 full page color plates with facing text. + 38p. intro. Very Oversize. Fine/Fine Copy~$35~[ 1853675016 ]
  34. Knotel, Richard. (Herbert). ~Selections from Knotel's Unfornenkunde, Armies of the Napoleonic Wars: England. KNW-3. ~Uniformology, c. 1980. ~17 Color Plates. Large Wraps. Black cloth spine. As New Copy~$25~
  35. Carman, William Y. ~Ackerman Military Prints: Uniforms of the British & Indian Armies 1849 - 1858. ~Schiffer, 2003. ~174p. Color Photos. Oversize. Jacket Priced. As New/As New Copy~$60~[ 0764316710 ]
  36. Mollo, John & Boris. ~Uniforms and Equipment of the Light Brigade. ~Historical Research, 1968. ~61p. Period Photos & Photos of surviving artifacts. Color Illustrations. Large Wraps. Fine Copy~$30~
  37. British War Office. ~Dress Regulations for the Officers of the Army (Including the Militia) 1900. ~Arms & Armour, 1969. ~Facsimile Reprint of 1900. 118p. + 79 plates. Oversize. Jacket very rubbed. Near Fine/ Good Copy~$32~
  38. Simkin, Peter. ~The Guards: Changing the Guard, Trooping the Colour, Regimental Histories. ~Macmillan, 1972. ~32p. Color Photos of uniforms. Large Wraps. Fine Copy~$25~
  39. Elting, John. Knotel, Herbert (illus). ~Napoleonic Uniforms. Volume I. ~Macmillan, 1993. ~1st ed. Unpag. Color Plates. Very Oversize. SIGNED & warmly inscribed by Elting to Llewellyn Lord. Elting's Bookplate on end paper. Errata sheet present with note from Elting. Fine/Fine Copy~$500~[ 0028971167 ]
  40. Elting, John. Knotel, Herbert (illus). ~Napoleonic Uniforms. Volume II. ~Macmillan, 1993. ~1st ed. Unpag Color Plates. With 4 page prospectus laid-in. Very Oversize. Fine/Fine Copy~$400~[ 0028971175 ]
  41. Elting, John. Knotel, Herbert (illus). ~Napoleonic Uniforms. Volume III & IV. ~Emperor's Press, 2000. ~1st ed. Two volumes. 320p. + 320p. Color plates. Very Oversize. In mylar. As New/As New Copy~$400~[ 1883476208 ]
  42. Rousselot, Lucien. ~Napoleon's Army 1790-1815. ~Casemate, 2010. ~NAP. 391p. Color Illustrations. Color chart. Very Oversize. Fine/Fine Copy~$145~[ 9781935149491 ]
  43. Bukhari, Emir. ~Napoleon's Cavalry. ~Presidio, 1979. ~248p. Color Illustrations. by Angus McBride. Very Oversize. Jacket priced. In mylar. Fine/Near Fine Copy~$37~[ 0891410902 ]
  44. Riehn, Richard. ~French Imperial Army: Campaigns of 1813-1814 and Waterloo. ~Helenic Pub., 1959. ~44p. b/w Illustrations. Large Wraps. Very Good Copy~$10~
  45. Riehn, Richard. ~French Infantry and Artillery 1795-1812. Helenic Uniform Color Guides. Series 1 No. 2. ~Helenic Pub., 1960. ~11p. b/w Illustrations. Large Wraps. Very Good Copy~$10~
  46. Martin, Paul. ~Soldaten im Bunten Rock; Prestige de L'uniforme; Glamour of Uniform: Die franzosische Armee 1789-1807; L'Armee francaise 1789-1807; French Army 1789-1807. ~Franckh'sche Verlag, Keller, 1969. ~16 color plates of uniforms. With 40p. booklet in card portfolio in Slipcase. Fine Copy~$25~
  47. Anon. ~Der Bunte Rock: Eine Sammlung Deutscher Uniformen des 19. Jarhunderts. ~Koln: Haus Heuerburg, c. 1932. ~Album with Complete set of 252 gummed stamps of German military uniforms of the 19th century. Issued as cigarette premiums. Stamps pasted in. Each in color. 1.75 x 2.70 inches. Region of the uniform (Baden, Frankfurt, Bayern, Gotha, etc.) printed above stamp. . Facing pages contain military poetry, songs, and other information with b&w drawings. Oversize. Wraps. Very Good Copy ~$100~
  48. Kredel, Fritz. ~Wer Will unter die Soldaten? Zwolf Illustrationen zu deutschen Soldatenliedern. ~Frankfurt am Main, 1933. ~13p. Color Illustrations. Grey printed paper covered boards. Spine somewhat damaged/worn. Good Copy~$30~
  49. Knotel, Richard. (hg). ~Uniformenkunde: Lose Blatter zur Geschichte der Entwicklung der militarischen Tracht. ~Olmes, 1972. ~50p. Index to uniform plates. Grey Wraps. Bottom edge water stained. Very Good Copy~$25~
  50. Martin, Paul. ~Soldaten im Bunten Rock; Prestige de L'uniforme; Glamour of Uniform: Die preussische Armee Prussian Army under Frederick William II and Frederick 1840-1871; L'Armee prussienne 1840-1871; Prussian Army 1840-1871. ~Franckh'sche Verlag, Keller, 1970. ~16 color plates of uniforms. With 40p. booklet in card portfolio in Slipcase. Fine Copy~$25~
  51. Martin, Paul. ~Soldaten im Bunten Rock; Prestige de L'uniforme; Glamour of Uniform: Die preussische Armee unter Friedrich Wilhelm II. und Friedrich Wilhelm III 1786-1807; L'Armee prussienne sous Frederic-Guillaume II er Frederic-Guillaume III 1786-1807; Prussian Army Under William II and William III 1786-1807. ~Franckh'sche Verlag, Keller, 1968. ~16 color plates of uniforms. With 36p. booklet in card portfolio in Slipcase. Slipcase a torn along edges. Near Fine Copy~$20~
  52. Opie, James. ~Britains Toy Soldiers 1893 -1932. ~Gollancz, 1985. ~192p. Photos. Some Color. Oversize. Jacket priced. Near Fine/Very Good Copy.~$50~[ 0575037415 ]
  53. Kurtz, Henry; Ehrlich, Burt. ~Art of the Toy Soldier. ~Abbeville P., 1987. ~328p. Color Photos. Very Oversize. Rear of jacket water rippled. Pages toward the rear also rippled at the bottom. Fair Copy~$20~[ 0896597466 ]

  54. Forbes, Archibald; Henty, G. A.; Griffiths, Maj. Arthur. ~Battles of the Nineteenth Century. (7 vols.). ~Cassell, n.d. c. 1895-1902. ~Complete set. Special Edition, "by subscription only". About 372p.per vol. Illustrations. Maps. Color plates. Original decorated green cloth. Heavy. Fine Set.~$300~
  55. Grant, James. ~British Battles on Land and Sea. (4 vols.). ~Cassell, c. 1896. ~4 vols. 576p.+ 576p. + 579p. 624p. Illustrations. Maps. Fourth Volume ends with the Soudan War of 1885. Old ¾ brown leather with red title bands. Marbled end papers. Spines darkened. Some corners worn. Very Heavy. Good Set~$200~
  56. Wood, Field-Marshal Sir Evelyn. ~British Battles on Land and Sea. ~Cassell, 1915. ~2 Vols. 948p. total. Color Illustrations. B/w Illustrations. Maps. Original decorated blue cloth. Very Oversize Set. Rear hinge on Vol. I cracking. Top of spine torn/chipped. Spine decoration rubbed. Fair Set. ~$100~
  57. Trimen, Capt. Richard. ~Regiments of the British Army: Chronologically Arranged. ~Allen, 1878. ~156p. Original red leather. Spine rebacked. New end papers. Period pencil annotations. Good Copy~$100~
  58. Grierson, Lt. Gen. James. ~Records of the Scottish Volunteer Force 1859 - 1908. ~Muller, 1972. ~Facsimile reprint of 1909. 372p. 47 Color plates of uniforms. Oversize. Fine/Near Fine Copy~$96~
  59. Chichester & Burges-Short. ~Records & Badges of Every Regiment and Corps in the British Army. ~Muller, 1970. ~Facsimile reprint of 1900. 942p. 24 color plates + b/w illustrations. Blue & red cloth. Top edge gilt. Heavy. Fine Copy~$70~
  60. Norman, C. B. ~Battle Honours of the British Army From Tangier 1662 to the Commencement of the Reign of King Edward VII. ~John Murray, 1911. ~1ST ed. 500p. Red cloth. Heavy. Frontispiece separated. Tear at top of spine. Good Copy~$40~
  61. White, Arthur. ~Bibliography of Regimental Histories of the British Army. ~London: Society for Army Historical Research, 1965. ~265p. Green cloth. Heavy. Rubbed. Some check marks in the margins. Very Good Copy~$35~
  62. Barnes, Maj. R. Money. ~Military Uniforms of Britain & the Empire: 1742 to the Present Time. ~Seeley Service, 1960. ~NAP. 347p. Color Illustrations. Red cloth. Heavy. Bookplate. In mylar. Near Fine/Very Good Copy~$30~
  63. Rogers, Col. H. C. B. ~Mounted Troops of the British Army 1066 - 1945. ~Seeley Service, 1959. ~NAP. 256p. Photos. Color Illustrations. Red cloth. Heavy. Bookplate. In mylar. Price clipped. Near Fine/Very Good Copy~$30~
  64. Barnes, Maj. R. Money. ~Uniforms & History of the Scottish Regiments: Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, 1625 to the Present Day. ~London: Seeley Service, 1956. ~NAP. 351p. Color plates of uniforms. Heavy. Red cloth. Bookplate. Near Fine Copy~$30~
  65. Barnes, Maj. R. Money.~History of the Regiments & Uniforms of the British Army. ~Seeley Service, 1950. ~NAP. 1st ed. 336p. Color uniform plates. Covers period 1642-1945. Red cloth. Heavy. Bookplate. Jacket very creased. Near Fine/Good Copy~$25~
  66. Paul, William. ~History of the Scottish Regiments. ~McKenzie, c. 1955. ~2nd ed. 170p. Photos. Color Illustrations of uniforms. Large Wraps. Tear at top of spine. Very Good Copy~$25~
  67. Farmer, John. S. ~Regimental Records of the British Army (1660-1901): A Historical Resume Chronically Arranged of the Titles, Campaigns, Honours, Uniforms, Facings, Badges, Nicknames etc. ~Grant Richards, 1901. ~238p. b/w Illustrations of regimental crests. Oversize. Red cloth. Top edge gilt. Endpapers Foxed. Front flyleaf separated. Spine damaged. Fair Copy~$25~
  68. Sheppard, Capt Eric. ~Short History of the British Army to 1914. ~Constable, 1934. ~2d ed. (1st 1926) 314p. Maps. 1 Folding map. Brown cloth. One or two underlines. Good Copy~$25~
  69. Barnes, Maj. R. Money. ~Soldiers of London. ~Seeley Service, 1963. ~NAP. 376p. Color Illustrations. Red cloth. Heavy. Bookplate. Near Fine Copy~$25~
  70. King, Lt. Col. C. Cooper. ~Story of the British Army. ~Methuen, 1897. ~426p. Illustrations. Maps. Decorated red cloth. Spine very worn at top with bug hole near the author's name. Bottom of spine also worn. Very Good Copy~$25~
  71. Wood, Stephen. ~Scottish Soldier: Illustrated Social & Military History of Scotland's Fighting Men Through Two Thousand Years. ~Archive Pub., 1987. ~176p. Period Photos. Title on title page: "Scottish Soldier: Illustrated Social & Military History of Scotland's Fighting Men Through Two Thousand Years." Oversize. Fine/Fine Copy~$20~[ 0948946113 ]
  72. Cockerill, A. W. ~Sons of the Brave: The Story of Boy Soldiers. ~Secker & Warburg, 1984. ~1st ed. 236p. Photos. Bookplate. Fine/Fine Copy~$20~[ 0436102943 ]
  73. Phillips, Gervase. ~Anglo-Scots Wars, 1513-1550: A Military History. ~Boydell, 1999. ~1st ed. 291p. Maps. Fine/Fine Copy~$25~[ 0851157467 ]
  74. Calder, Jenni. ~Story of the Scottish Soldier 1600-1914. ~HMSO/National Museums of Scotland, 1987. ~36p. Photos. Wraps. Fine Copy~$10~[ 0114933863 ]
  75. Fuller, Col. J. F. C. ~British Light Infantry in the Eighteenth Century. ~Hutchinson, 1925. ~255p. Folding Maps. Blue cloth. Bookplate. Missing flyleaf. Spine very sunned. Some foxing of page edge. Very Good Copy~$100~
  76. Reid, Stuart & Embleton, Gerry. ~Like Hungry Wolves: Culloden Moor 16 April 1746. ~Windrow & Greene, 1994. ~1st ed. First Edition. 128p. Photos. Maps. Color Illustrations. Oversize. Jacket Priced. Fine/Near Fine copy~$40~[ 1859150802 ]
  77. Palmer, Roy (ed). ~Rambling Soldier. ~Peacock, 1977. ~310p. Photos. "Life in the lower Ranks (of the British Army) 1750-1900 through soldiers songs and writings". Wraps. Good Copy~$15~[ 0140471030 ]
  78. Harrington, Peter. (ed.). ~The Martial Face: The Military Portrait in Britain, 1760-1900~Brown University, David Winton Bell Gallery, 1991. ~158p. b/w/Photos. Large Wraps. SIGNED & inscribed. Near Fine Copy~$25~[ 0933519206 ]
  79. Harrington, Peter. ~British Artists and War: The Face of Battle in Paintings and Prints, 1700-1914. ~Greenhill, 1993. ~1st ed. 352p. Photos. Vey Oversize. Slight water stain upper rear. Not effecting jacket exterior. SIGNED & inscribed. Near Fine/Near Fine Copy~$45~[ 1853671576 ]
  80. Green, John. ~Soldier's Life, 1806-1815. ~EP Pub. , 1973. ~Facsimile reprint of 1827. "Vicissitudes of a Soldier s Life, or a Series of Occurrences from 1806 to 1815...A Concise History of the War in the Peninsula". Top edge slightly soiled. Jacket torn & crumpled on back panel. Near Fine/Good Copy~$25~[ 085409802X ]
  81. Centurion. ~Men Whose Fathers Were Men: A Story of a Hobby. ~Baldwin, 1925. ~99p. "A tribute to the glorious valour of the British forces which took part in the various actins so briefly narrated" Covers Egypt 1801 to Peninsular War to Waterloo to First Afghan War. Red cloth Near Fine Copy~$70~
  82. Lunt, James. ~Scarlet Lancer. ~Rupert Hart-Davis, 1964. ~NAP. 223p. Photos. Maps. Life of John Luard, a British regimental officer in the first half of the nineteenth century who entered the army in 1809, fighting throughout the Peninsular War 1811 - 1814 participating in 15 battles, cavalry charges & sieges. After serving at Waterloo, he served in India & the First Afghan War in 1838. Largely on his diary. Jacket Priced. Fine/Fine Copy~$25~
  83. North, Rene. ~Regiments at Waterloo. ~Almark, 1971. ~1st ed. 72p. Photos. Color Illustrations. Wraps. Near Fine Copy~$15~[ 0855240253 ]
  84. Edgerton, Robert. ~Fall of the Asante Empire: The Hundred-Year War for Africa's Gold Coast. ~Free Press, 1995. ~1st ed. Review copy. 293p. Photos. Maps. Jacket Priced. Fine/Fine copy~$25~[ 0029089263 ]
  85. Edgerton, Robert. ~Like Lions They Fought: The Zulu War and the Last Black Empire in South Africa. ~Free Press, 1988. ~2nd ed. 244p. Photos. Maps. Price clipped. Fine/Fine Copy~$25~[ 0029089107 ]
  86. Knight, Ian. ~Zulu Battles 1838-1906. ~Castle, 2003. ~224p. Maps. Photos. Fine/Fine copy~$15~[ 0785815694 ]
  87. Emery, Frank. ~Marching Over Africa: Letters from Victorian Soldiers. ~Hodder & Stoughton, 1986. ~204p. Maps. Photos. Jacket Priced. Missing flyleaf & title page clipped. Near Fine/Fine Copy~$25~[ 0340382910 ]
  88. Macrory, Patrick. ~Fierce Pawns. ~Lippincott, 1966. ~NAP. 352p. Photos. Maps. First Afghan War 1842. Jacket Priced. Jacket Illustration pasted on rear end paper. In mylar. Near Fine/Fine Copy~$35~
  89. Richards, D. S. ~Savage Frontier: A History of the Anglo-Afghan Wars. ~Macmillan, 1990. ~NAP. 214p. Photos. Jacket Priced. Paper a bit toned. Fine/Fine copy~$22~[ 0333525574 ]
  90. Barthorp, Michael. ~To Face the Daring Maoris: Soldiers' impressions of the First Maori War 1845-47. ~Hodder & Stoughton, 1979. ~NAP. 237p. Photos. Jacket Priced. Fine/Very Good Copy~$25~[ 0340227192 ]
  91. Farwell, Byron. ~Eminent Victorian Soldiers: Seekers of Glory. ~Norton, 1985. ~1st ed. 367p. Photos. Maps. Jacket Priced. Near Fine/Near Fine Copy~$35~[ 0393018849 ]
  92. Nalson, David. ~The Victorian Soldier. ~Shire, 2000. ~32p. Photos. Maps. Wraps. As New Copy~$12~[ 0747804605 ]
  93. Mollo, John & Boris. ~Into the Valley of Death: British Cavalry Division at Balaclava 1854. ~Windrow & Greene, 1991. ~1st ed. 127p. Examines both Light & Heavy Brigades. Period Photos. & Photos of surviving equipment. Color Illustrations. Oversize. Jacket priced. Fine/Fine Copy~$60~[ 187200475X ]
  94. Calthorpe, Lt. Col. Somerset. (Illus. By George Cadogan.). ~Cadogan's Crimea. ~Atheneum, 1980. ~1st US ed. 288p. Maps. Extensive Color Illustrations by Gen. George Cadogan who served in the war as Colonel. Text originally printed in 1856 as "Letters from Headquarters by a Staff Officer" Oversize. Jacket priced. Fine/Fine Copy~$39~[ 0689110227 ]
  95. Hodge, Col. Edward. Anglesey, Marquess (ed.). ~Little Hodge: Being Extracts from Letters and Diaries of Colonel Edward Cooper Hodge Written During the Crimean War, 1854-1856. ~Leo Cooper, 1971. ~1st ed. 166p. Photos. Jacket Priced. Jacket Illustration pasted on rear end paper. Near Fine/Fine Copy~$30~[ 0850520703 ]
  96. Featherstone, Donald. ~Victoria's Enemies: An A-Z of British Colonial Warfare. ~Blandford, 1989. ~1st ed. 160p. Period Illustrations. In mylar. Fine/Very Good Copy~$32~[ 0713720816 ]
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